Diamond Photo Booth Business Package

Diamond Photo Booth Business Package

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Introducing the pinnacle of photo booth excellence – the Diamond Photo Booth Business Package. With the freedom to choose any photo booth we offer, including the latest and most advanced options, this package is designed for entrepreneurs who demand nothing but the best. The Diamond package comes with an impressive 3-year warranty, valued at $1495, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your investment.

But the exclusivity doesn't stop there – customize your package by selecting 5 out of the following 10 options to shape your business into a powerhouse:

  1. 6 Months of Photo Booth Business Coaching ($1,000 Value): Propel your business forward with six months of expert coaching. Tailored to your unique goals, this coaching program covers everything from marketing strategies to operational efficiency, providing invaluable insights to drive your success.

  2. Business Logo Design ($1,000 Value): Establish a distinctive brand identity with a professionally designed business logo. Your logo is the visual representation of your brand, and with our expert touch, it will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

  3. 500 Business Cards ($200 Value): Network with style using 500 professionally designed business cards. More than just contact information, these cards are a tangible extension of your brand, showcasing your professionalism and attention to detail.

  4. Mermaid Backdrop ($299 Value): Elevate the visual appeal of your photo booth with the enchanting Mermaid Backdrop. Perfect for creating a magical atmosphere at events, this backdrop adds a touch of fantasy that will captivate your clients and their guests.

  5. 1 Set of King Props ($64.99 Value): Infuse fun and regality into every photo with a set of King Props. From crowns to scepters, these props add a touch of royal charm, making each snapshot a memorable and entertaining experience.

  6. 1 Red Carpet ($200 Value): Make a grand entrance at events with a luxurious Red Carpet. Elevate the VIP experience for your clients, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and class.

  7. Set of Gold Stanchions and Red Rope ($300 Value): Define elegance and exclusivity with a set of Gold Stanchions and Red Rope. Create a stylish queue for your photo booth, adding a touch of glamour to any event.

  8. Business Website Setup ($600 Value): Establish a strong online presence with a professionally designed business website. From showcasing your portfolio to facilitating client inquiries, a website is a key tool for attracting and engaging customers.

  9. Facebook Ads Setup ($1,000 Value): Launch your brand into the digital spotlight with a targeted Facebook Ads Setup. Leverage the power of social media to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your photo booth business.

  10. 45-Minute Strategy Call With Cristian ($700 Value): Gain personalized insights and strategies with a 45-minute strategy call with Cristian, an industry expert. Tailored to your business, this call will provide actionable advice to optimize your operations and maximize your success.

  11. $1000 OFF your next Photo Booth purchase

Invest in the Diamond Photo Booth Business Package – where innovation meets luxury, and success is non-negotiable. Shape your business into a powerhouse with this exclusive and unparalleled package.

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